Wessex Historical Timeline

Wessex was once an Anglo-Saxon, cultural group, in Southern Britain from the year 519 until the beginning of the 10th century when it was unified by Athelstan, king of the Anglo-Saxons. Wessex’s historical background originates from two main sources. These are; the Western Saxon Genealogical Regnal List and the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, which conflict at times.

When Cenwealh, King of Wessex at that time, was baptized, Wessex began to be the Christian Kingdom and was developed under his rule. Later, Sussex, Isle of Wight and Kent were conquered by another king. Ine, who later succeeded, gave one of the most historic living English codes and created another West Saxon bishopric. The throne was then passed to several other kings that have unfamiliar backgrounds.

In the 8th century, Wessex maintained its independence while Mercia’s hegemony grew. During this time, a system for division of land, shires, was created. Egbert conquered Sussex, Essex, Surrey, Sussex, Mercia, Kent and some parts of Dumnonia. He also attained the Northumbrian King position. However, in 830, Mercia restored its independence. His successor, Athelwulf, defeated the Danish army that attacked them in the Thames estuary. Alfred the Great was one of the four sons of the successor.Continue reading →

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